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You should have strong visual design skills and be curious enough to push the boundaries of each assignment. Experience with interactive media is mandatory. Having a good (or bad, it depends on who you ask) sense of humor is definitely a must, otherwise you won’t survive. ;)

We are a strategic design studio in Rotterdam with experienced people and big ambitions. We work on a great variety of assignments, both client- and self-initiated. This can range from creating a new brand identity for a beach club to creating the next generation interactive experience for a big car brand. One day you’ll work on the creation of a completely new company and product like Beam (http://oakandmorrow.com/project/beam-product/) and the next you will run a creative workshop with local governments. And with each of these projects our goal is to create the best there is in its field and to bring back a bit of wonder into this world.

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Oak & Morrow is a strategic design studio in Rotterdam; empowering people and brands through the creation of interactive products and services. By wondering about the world of today we create the world of tomorrow.

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  1. Marten de Jongh
  2. Creative director
  3. +31 6 27 27 37 88
  4. marten@oakandmorrow.com

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