What’s the best way of getting and keeping someone’s attention? Megaphone? Nope. Polite, handwritten, notices? Not even close…

What do big box stores, sports stadiums, and airports have in common? Well, apart from being physical spaces that attract huge footfall (!), they’re places that need to continuously engage their visitors — to show them where to go, what to do, what not to do, and more.

But, with so much vying for people’s attention, how are you going to make sure your message gets noticed? By doing something that both invites and entices. Something… interactive.

Interactive media is the perfect blend of ‘digital’ and ‘physical’. Anything and everything is possible. Whether your aim is to curate content; give people practical information; or you want to challenge, surprise, and engage in a way that creates a lasting impression; interactive media can pack something unexpected or original into a seemingly ordinary experience.

Who says technology can’t foster emotional connections?

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